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Available in sizes :

47", 55” , 70” and 84”

Intellivision is touch-screen operation, integrated multi-function equipment system. It has builtin processing system with more powerful information processing capabilities effectively processing Audio & Video meeting communication, high-definition Video Display, Sound, Screen Writing and Conferencing System. It has other host of features making
 Available in sizes : 47” , 55” , 70” and 84”

  • Features

    Elegant Appearance

    Ultra thin/ Ultra Narrow Design.Mat finish Exterior Design.Toughened glass for protection and reliability.

    The Sixth Generation Infrared Touch technology

    Six point touch technology. Infrared identification with 6-point touch, one hand operation makes very user friendly. Makes the entire panel free from no touch zone.

    Smart MCU integrated

    The Interactive Smart Display System is armed with Modularized PC on Intel i5 Core with option of Windows 8 or Android. Loaded with numerous applications used in very day usage.

    Front Panel Keys

    Front panel Touch keys ease of operation along with USB (3.0). Chorded touch-tone, capacitive sensing touch keys giving increased life along with Chords sound design on key pressing.

    Display System

    Display unit uses industry's highest standards, in addition to conventional full HD 1080P display unit, the more customization for large-size ultra-high definition 4K-display unit, four times the full HD picture quality

    Audio Capabilities

    Audio System With slim Design the built-in audio capabilities is huge. Bright and clear sound even in noisy environments can easily cope with the scene. Also supporting the external speaker output interface and through 2.4G wireless technology supports wireless speaker.

  • Specifications

    Screen Type :


    Screen Size :

    47", 55", 70" and 84"

    Display Area :

    1209.6(H) x 680.4(V)/1538.880(H) x 865.620(V)/1860(H) x 1047(V)

    Resolution :

    1920x1080 / 1920x1080 / 3840x2160

    Brightness :


    Contrast :


    Response Time :


    Number of Colors :

    16.7M(8-bit) / 1.07B(10-bit)* / 1.07B(10-bit)*

    Refreshing Frequency :


    view Angle :


    Processor :

    Intel Huron River Sandy Bridge i5

    Operating System :

    Windows 8 / Android 4.20

    memory :


    Wifi :

    802.11b/g/n (2.4GHZ)

    *Features and Specifications subject to change without prior intimation

  • Box Content

    AC Power Cable
    Writing Pen
    VGA Cable/USB Cable
    Wall Mounting Bracket
    Application and Driver Disk
    Operating Instructions
    Quick Start Guide
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