The evolution in educational technology and innovation of new equipment are transforming the way of teaching and learning in a classroom. It’s creating an engaging, experimenting and collaborative learning environment for students. 

Study shows 92% teachers believe technology encourages students’ involvement in learning and 89% of K-12 teachers use educational technologies in their classroom. In addition, 48% of students prefer a blended learning environment, combining online and in-person education. They consider it helps them to score well. 

Technology eases the teaching process and at the same time benefits the students vigorously by meeting their learning requirements. 

Considering transforming a regular classroom with modern technology can be a big step for any school or institution. It’s a huge investment. So, you must know about the different  smart classroom equipment, and buy them according to need, budget, and classroom size. 

This blog includes 8-helpful smart classroom equipment you can consider to install. 

Smart Classroom Equipment List

#1. Interactive Panel 

Replacing your classroom’s existing black/white board with an interactive panel can be your first step towards modernising the classroom. It is a complete technical aid equipment, which helps you organise engaging and interactive classes by leveraging multiple online and offline resources and the panel features. It allows teachers to: 

  • Use multi-point gesture control to elaborate the concept in the classroom. 
  • Teach students in their preferred language. 
  • Record, download, and share the classroom sessions with students and upload it at public platforms. 
  • Leverage online resources like articles, case studies, PDFs, PPTs, Videos etc from recognised sources such as  UNICEF, NASA, Animal Planet etc
  • Drag and drop images or videos online and explain them to the class. 
  • Create quizzes, games, and assessments to  engage the classroom

Senses offers one of the top quality interactive panels with some amazing hardware and software features, including:

  • Ultra HD 4K super bright DLED display with zero-radiation. 
  • Integrated AI-feature to convert handwritten text into computer-generated text. 
  • Dual Sub buffered speaker, powered by Bose.
  • Multi-device two way communication feature & more.

To learn about the Sense interactive panel in detail, Download interactive panel brochure

#2. Digital Podium 

Another significant equipment for the smart classroom is the digital podium. It equips adjustable LED touch, wireless microphone, mouse, keyboard, audio system etc to address the classroom. It helps teachers to centralise the student’s attention and deliver the lectures without any interruption. 

#3. Information Kiosk

When it comes to moving towards a technical advancement world, transformation of information must be quick and accessible to all. Installing information kiosks in the classroom can benefit students and teachers in exchanging the information. Schools can use information kiosks for announcements, test results, and highlights any events and achievements of the school.  

#4. Class Audio System

To ensure that each student listens to the lessons, and the teacher’s voice efficiently, It’s vital to install a good audio system in the classroom.   You can install the audio system as per the class size, and number of students going to sit in it. 

#5. Document Camera 

The major advantage of a smart classroom is that you can record the lecture and encourage flexible learning. If any student misses the class due to some reasons can study with recorded videos of the classroom. A high-quality document camera helps in recording the classroom sessions. 

#6. Wireless Microphone

Using a wireless microphone in the classroom offers room to the teachers to wander around the class freely while teaching. Moreover, it eliminates the usage of multiple wires , giving the classroom a clean look. Schools/institutions for smart classrooms can also consider to provide mics to each student’s desk for better communication. 

#7. Interactive Pad 

The interactive pad is wireless, code-free, easy to carry equipment, which makes the smart classroom more engaging and aesthetic. It is a digital pad, connected to the electronic device that helps the teachers to teach to the classroom from anywhere. Teachers can connect the interactive panel with the pad to write and solve questions, design structures and more. In addition, they can provide the interactive pad to students to participate in the classroom activities and encourage collaborative learning. 

#8. Digital Notebook 

Where digital podium to interactive panel and pad, is for teachers, digital notebook is exclusively for the students. It helps the students to jot down important points and notes of the classroom easily. It works as a traditional notebook however it helps the students in searching the notes conveniently with digital features.  Instead of digital notebooks, classrooms can also prefer educational tablets for students, which includes recorded lectures, e-books, and study materials. 


Smart classroom equipment offers audio-visual teaching strategy to ease the  learning process in the classroom. It helps in leveraging benefits such as providing global knowledge, experiential learning, technical advancement, engaging and collaborative learning in a classroom. 

Schools/institutions/colleges are moving towards installing smart equipment to offer their students the best experience. 

Senses with two types of interactive panels- Senses Pro and Edge, helping the schools towards taking their first step to digitise the whole classroom.  

Sense Edge is an affordable interactive panel to connect your classroom with digital solutions. Sense Pro is a more advanced panel for delivering interactive and collaborative learning.
With us you can schedule a personalised demo to learn about the interactive panels and its exclusive features in detail. 

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