In today’s fast-paced world, technology has taken its place at the top by ruling each sector. Education can’t stay behind. Online teaching platforms are gradually emerging globally to offer advanced teaching experience to educators. These online platforms assist the education system in providing teachers with the best equipment to help students understand each concept effectively. 

In the past 20 years, teachers, schools, colleges, and educators have embraced these online teaching platforms to train their students with quality learning and nourish their skills in the best possible way. 

As per UNESCO’s report on technology in education, 50% of the world’s lower secondary schools adopted Internet connections in classroom settings after COVID-19 pandemic.

As per TeamLease EdTech Survey, 90.8% of teachers in India see advantage of online teaching skills, they learned during the pandemic.

However, huge improvements are needed in India to make education more engaging, modern, and tech-friendly. Thankfully, online teaching platforms are rapidly emerging to bridge the gap and make learning teaching more efficient, and effective. 

In this blog, we’ve curated the top 5 online teaching platforms teachers can use to modernise their classrooms.

What are Online Teaching Platforms? 

An online teaching platform is a portal or interactive panel that supports a teacher/trainer/educator to create educational content, teach students, record the classes, share notes, and do more such engaging activities to convey the learnings effectively.  

These online teaching platforms help teachers to offer amazing facilities to students in their physical and online classes. Moreover, It encourages them to create collaborative, experimental and personalised learning environments in the classroom. 

On the other hand, a platform to teach online helps teachers/trainers connect with their students. There is Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet to conduct virtual classes live with limited students. Besides, there is YouTube to teach to a mass audience. 

In addition, Udemy, Skillshare, and Coursera can be the go-to choices to sell recorded classes. 

Individuals/trainers/instructors of online classes can also use online teaching platforms to make their virtual classes more impactful for their learners. 

In India, teachers can use various online teaching platforms to advance their teaching methodology. Let’s dive deep to learn about them. 

Benefits of Online Teaching Platforms

Top 5 Online Teaching Platforms in India 

1. Senses Interactive Panel 

Senses Interactive Panel is a complete package that takes the teaching process to a new level. It’s an online teaching support platform that integrates all the required technology, including audio, video, images, charts, and graphs, in one place to promote the blended learning process. 

The panel helps teachers to:

  • Educate students with the help of AI (AI-Powered Education)
  • Sharing recorded lectures instantly on whatsapp or email
  • Write unlimitedly on smartboard with auto-scrolling feature
  • Present PPT or PDFs with annotations
  • Make students watch educational videos (Stop & Watch facility to elaborate concept)
  • Teach using modern tools and techniques
  • Browse online for references or high-quality teaching 
  • Share the classroom notes with students for self-learning. 

Besides, the panel includes specific features to teach different disciplines like Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, etc, in multiple languages, making the teaching more exciting and engaging.

Along with these features, we have some main differentiators for trainers, teachers and educators:

Senses Connect

Senses Connect helps teachers to facilitate collaborative learning. Here are some of the best features of Senses Connect:

  1. Access to multiple users from different devices
  2. Easy mirroring or sharing of screen

Senses Capture

Senses Capture is a high-quality lecture recording tool. It helps teachers to record lectures in 4k resolution without any need for external cameras. High-compression algorithm implemented in Senses Capture helps to record high quality top-notch videos without consuming excessive hard disk space.

These powerful Senses tools are supported with unlimited software updates. All these updates are provided in each panel with no additional cost.

Schools, colleges, universities, individual educators, and online teachers can consider installing the interactive panel in their space and teaching the students through it more efficiently. 

Watch the online demo video to learn more about Senses interactive panels. 

2. D2L Whitespace LMS

If you start digitising your classroom, D2L whitespace can be the best platform to achieve your teaching goal. It is a learning management system (LMS) that helps teachers:

  • Track student attendance and improvement
  • Share assignments, quizzes, and videos for learning at pace. 
  • Connect it with other teaching tools like Canva, Slides, etc. 

The system helps the instructors save time with repetitive tasks, focus more on teaching, and make students understand the concepts effectively. 

3. Phet Interactive Simulations

Phet Simulations is truly a significant teaching platform. It helps teachers to demonstrate such experiments of maths and science in the class that are difficult to perform. Through Phet Simulations, teachers can 

  • Showcase invisible things like atoms, molecules, electrons, photons, bacteria, and more, visible to the students. 
  • Answer for “every If” coming from the students by testing/experimenting. 
  • Present illustrations for the concept written in books in the classroom. 

Phet Simulations has different researched-based techniques and tools to experiment, predict, and teach difficult to easy concepts to the students practically. The platform is entirely free and runs with donations. Classrooms can use interactive panels or labs to use the Phet. 

4. Google Classroom 

Google Classroom is also a great online teaching platform. It helps both online tutors and physical educators make classroom learning effective. Google Classroom assists teachers in: 

  • Scheduling assignments and online classes
  • Sharing videos, notes, assessments, quizzes etc. 
  • Conducting polls and several other activities to make your classroom engaging. 

Schools/teachers can also use Google Classroom on a large scale without any hassle, as it is open and free-to-use. 

5. Kahoot

Kahoot is a toolbar site, popular among in-person and virtual teachers. It can be accessed with tabs, phones, desktops, electronic devices. In person, teachers can use this online teaching platform with interactive panels or smart education boards. It helps teachers:

  • Create quizzes, engaging games, and assessments for students. 
  • Use AI to create engaging activities.
  • Make students participate in creating games or quizzes. 

Moreover, teachers can use it by sharing quizzes or assessments for home activities, exam preparation, and understanding specific topics.

Schools/educators can subscribe to it for the different classroom settings, such as primary, mid-senior level, and higher secondary. Kahoot is also for college students. 


Opting for technology in teaching is essential to improve the education system and empower students with learning. 

Embracing interactive panels for convenient teaching, using Phet simulation for practical learning, Google Classroom and Kahoot for engaging learning, and Whitespace LMS to manage the classroom, etc., helps you provide quality education to your students.

Senses provides an Interactive panel for schools/colleges/educators to take a step in adapting online learning in a classroom environment. Through its panel, teachers can use its self-embedded tools to improve teaching methodology. 

Moreover, they can also use it to train the students with high-quality online resources. In addition, it can leverage the benefits of other teaching platforms. 

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