Integrated Teaching

Simplifying Teaching-Learning Experience in Classrooms

Integrated Teaching

Simplifying Teaching-Learning Experience in Classrooms

Why Teachers Love Us:

Teachers are the strongest foundation of an educational system. They are the builders of a robust and great future. Understanding the importance of their role is crucial and thus we have felt the need to address to their challenges in classrooms and provide a solution to their age-old problems. Here is a glimpse of why teachers love us:

  • Improved and effective classroom content delivery
  • Smart integration of all teaching tools like audio, video, images, charts, and graphs, etc. on a single platform
  • Effective classroom management and time management
  • Simple and easy to use multiple gesture controls for teaching different disciplines like Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Language, Design, Humanities, etc.
  • Easier and quicker platform to save, review, and reuse lessons taught

Our Direction

Evolve Classrooms into Active Learning Centres

Teaching Process Simplified with Senses Intelligent Interactive Panel

Increased Student Engagement and Motivation to Learn

Reinforcing and Expanding the Concepts Taught

Learner-centric Style of Teaching

Better response to Learning Styles

Teach larger sets of children with ease

Get Administrative Support

Why Choose Senses


What Teachers are Talking!

  • Every child needs fair and equal access to education. We need to move ahead with the times and cannot expect to use the same old approaches towards learning. We must bridge these educational gaps using technology. That is exactly what we Senses Intelligent Interactive Panel is doing. I am proud to be a part of this change and thankful to Senses to help me bridge the gaps in our Education system.
    Pawar Public School
  • MIT Pune
    Senses Enabled classes have helped me further develop my personal interests in the technology field and how I can use it. It is aiding my classes, with all its abundant resources. I still feel new to all of it, but it’s been a good journey! I’m pleased to help my students by integrating videos, images, and a variety of content at one given point of time. I appreciate Senses for making my classroom teaching-learning experience so smooth and interesting!
    MIT Pune
  • JSPM logo
    Educational Institutions have to change and adapt to the times or they will risk becoming obsolete. Learning is just a mouse click away today. Students nowadays do not like a traditional classroom setting. Sitting in a classroom listening to a professor lecture is a yawner. Thanks to Senses Intelleigent Interactive Panel my students are now motivated to learn and have better understanding of concepts. It is surely the right tool to build the future leaders of tomorrow.

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