Frequently Asked Questions

1What are the sizes of this product?
We offer smart boards in four different sizes: 55”, 65”, 75”, and 86”.
2Does this panel connect to a smartphone?
Yes, you can connect Senses Intelligent Interactive panel directly with your phone.
3What are the connectivity options available?
Wi-Fi direct, Bluetooth, USB 3.0.
4Does it have Bluetooth connectivity?
Yes, the Senses smart board offers bluetooth connectivity.
5Can I connect it to my Mac?
Yes, the interactive panel is compatible with Mac.
6How much power does it consume?
The Intelligent Interactive panel is an energy saver green design . It consumes between 110W-300W (for large size screen).
7Do we need a battery operator stylus for it?
As the smart board supports multi-touch finger gestures, a pen is not a necessity.
8How much does its pen cost?
We provide 3 stylus with the interactive panel and more can be provided on request.
9Does it convert handwriting into text?
Yes, you can convert anything handwritten on the screen to text.
10What is the operating system it works on?
The Interactive touch display system comes with Windows 8/10, Linux, and Android.
11Can we connect to it remotely?
Yes, we can do that through Skype for business/webx/zoom.
12Can we run powerpoint presentations on this screen?
Yes, of course! Powerpoint presentations, Word documents, Excel sheets, whatever you like, can be presented on the screen.
13Can I download 3rd party apps to the smart board?
Yes, the smart board supports various 3rd party educational applications.
14Does it have internet connectivity?
15What is the warranty for this white board?
We offer standard 3 years onsite comprehensive warranty that includes support for physical damages.
16Can I connect my laptop with the smart screen?
Yes, you can connect up to 4 laptops at a time.
17Can I control the laptop after I connect remotely from the screen
Yes, you can control from screen.
18If I have a problem with the smartboard, what is the turnaround time for support?
A support personnel will reach you within 24 hours of raising a support request.
19Does the warranty cover physical damages?
Yes, physical damages are covered under warranty.
20Is the screen durable?
Yes, the screen has toughened glass protection of level 7 MOHS standard.
21Does it require a remote?
No, a remote is not essentially required to operate the panel, but it is still provided with the smart board in order to perform some additional/optional functions.
22What is its picture quality?
23Can it be connected directly to a printer?
Yes, you can connect the printer via USB port and Wifi.
24Which apps are supported by this board?
Any apps which are compatible to windows, Linux and Android are supported by our interactive panel.
25Is video conferencing possible with this white board?
Yes, video conferencing is possible through Skype, Zoom or any other video conferencing apps.
26How do I save my teaching sessions?
After a session is completed on the endless canvas, you get an option to save the entire session which is then stored on the cloud for future references.
27What is the viewing angle of the whiteboard?
The panel has a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees.
28What are the exact product specifications?
29How can I book a Demo?
Simply click on the “ Book a Demo ” option on the website.
30How much time does the installation take?
Senses Intelligent Interactive Panel installation takes upto 1 hour.
31How many schools have adopted this technology/panel?
Over 700 schools have adopted this panel.
32Can I book a demo for my IT Manager and teaching staff?
Yes, of course!
33How often do I need to upgrade the software/ What is the frequency of the software upgradation?
Senses team will notify you for any manual updates. However, majority of upgrades happen online in backend.
34Do all the features of the panel come inclusive of the final price or do I need to invest in add on features?
The panel price is inclusive of all the features and software add-ons; no need to invest in anything else after you buy it.
35Do I need to buy any additional hardware/attachments?
You would only need to buy a microphone and camera if you want to record the classroom session.
36Does it support iOS apps?
No, the interactive panel does not support IOS apps. However, you can mirror you IOS devices.
37Can the panel recognize my voice?
Yes, it has in-built voice recognition feature.
38Which subjects can I teach with this?
You can teach all the subjects with this interactive panel (Math, English, Hindi, Marathi, Physics, Chemistry).
39Can I teach in Hindi/Marathi?
Yes, the medium of teaching can be Hindi, Marathi, English, or Arabic, as per your preferences. We are adding support for additional languages.
40Which languages does this whiteboard support?
The Interactive Panel supports languages like, English, Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, Malayalam, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Arabic, etc.
41How can I type mathematical formulae?
You can write your formula on the endless canvas with the help of your fingers.
42Is there a tool/software for drawing shapes?
Yes, a shape menu is provided under Tools.
43Is there a price discount on bulk purchase?
Please contact the sales team for the same. You can visit the contact us page.
44Can we buy this whiteboard online?
No, you cannot place an order online as Senses interactive panels are customized as per the need & requirement of the customers.
45What are the taxes applicable on the product?
Appropriate taxes are applicable as per the current Government of India norms.
46Can I pay for the interactive smart board in EMIs?
EMI option is available only on bulk purchase.
47In how many days will the product be delivered to me after I have make the payment?
Senses interactive panel is delivered in 1-4 weeks.
48Can I hire the interactive panels for a few days/weeks/months?
No, however on the discretion of sales team, we can place the panel at the requested school/colleges for trial.
49What is the approximate life of this panel?
Our interactive panels are designed to last for 50,000 hours (13 years) approximately.
50Is product training provided and how long the training for
The product training is conducted by Senses team for 3-4 hours, which includes hands on training for 20-25 mins for each teacher/staff.
51How many times product training is provided?
As per the need and requirement, Senses team will provide training throughout the warranty period. However, it is recommended to have a refresher training every six months.